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Personal Branding 20/20 vision

Personal Branding 20/20 vision

over 3 years ago
Personal Branding 20 20 Vision

​The world’s first television commercial aired on July 1, 1941, before the beginning of a baseball game in New York between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies. The commercial aired on NBC’s WNBT-TV, was only 10 seconds long and was an advertisement for Bulova watches. It cost the company a total of $9. Five dollars went to station charges and four dollars went to airtime charges.

Fast forward to the arrival of HDTV in the 1990s. Presenters, who previously relied on heavy make-up and fuzzy resolution, were exposed to greater scrutiny than ever before.

In the past, advances in technology affected actors and presenters. The current broadcasting revolution will be felt by anyone with a professional online presence. 

Previously, social media consultants emphasized the importance of profile pages, portrait photographs, and 'tone of voice' for posts and blogs.

Now is not the time to go dark on LinkedIn, Twitter or whichever social platform you usually use to communicate with your network. Many transportation companies complain about slim margins…well they are going to get thinner.

What are you doing so that you’re not just another faceless forwarder? Spend a bit of time defining your LinkedIn profile. Have you got a video introduction in there? No, shame on you. You’re just another faceless transportation sales guy in a sea of white shirts. Spend a bit of time defining your narrative; what’s different about the way you engage, how does your experience inform your work and what are the personal values you bring to every decision? Why would a prospective client give you his business over let's say DHL, Schenker or any other forwarders knowing that the pricing is similar?

But what about your profile in the age of Zoom, Meet and Teams? Do you know how to use these and other virtual meeting tools to boost your online brand? 

Instead of just driving visitors to your Linkedin page, how do you attract clients to your Hangout? Instead of a long form white paper, how about scripting a series of 'how-to' videos? 

The most successful in sales don’t play the competitive comparison game during a Zoom with a prospect. Rather, they are intensely familiar with their own product and they’re also very knowledgeable about their competition’s products. They read every article in trade magazines, thoroughly research their competitors, and lookout for new product developments and/or emerging competitors. This helps successful sales execs beat out the competition because they can easily point out flaws and weaknesses in a competitor’s value proposition compared with their own. Extensive competitive knowledge allows you to outsell at every turn and ultimately win more deals.

Here is "How to ace a video interview" from the Short & Sweet series.

It goes without saying, you also need to consider the basics of home broadcasting: lighting, camera angle, and backgrounds. Bookshelves are in. 'Nostril cam' is out. 

This was my first attempt at a video

If you are new to virtual broadcasting, take baby steps to begin with. 

Practice until you feel confident about your presenting skills and environment. Test your live coaching with a small but honest audience. Thicken your skin for feedback. 

This matters. Of all the predictions for our post-COVID-19 world, the demise of the office and face-to-face meetings is a certainty. 

It's a whole new world. Learning how to present, host, and moderate professionally is now a must-have for your personal brand. Ready for your close up?

Think about what your brand brings to the table: Could you host a content marketing seminar? Could you temporarily make an online class free of charge? Could you launch a DIY series of videos? People aren’t expecting Hollywood-level productions, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Even major network anchors are delivering the news from their living rooms. Instead, aim for authenticity and value.