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What matters most to you in a job?

What matters most to you in a job?

about 1 year ago by David Sweet
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​If you're recruiting, these numbers are super important to remember and convey during an interview. It’s important to remember to focus your messaging around aspects of the position and company that can be “sold” as a benefit.

Sometimes, managers will think that money matters most. But for younger applicants, this is not the case.

Also, if you’re a smaller company, you may not be able to compete on salary with a major corporation. But if you have flex time, this will often impress a candidate. Other points to consider that can be inexpensive solutions for benefits:

  • Flex time (in all its many forms)

  • Work from home

  • Number of holidays

  • Benefits that focus around health programs and insurance

  • Food: employees love to eat. Think healthy meals or snacks

  • Perks, such as gym memberships or laundry service

  • Sick leave

  • CSR initiatives

  • Team Building

  • Training

  • Chance for certification

Some of these are a real challenge for may not be realistic for your organization. However, it’s good to remember that if you do offer any of these benefits, that you present them as such to prospective employees.