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5 Ways to create attractive job postings..which candidates will read

5 Ways to create attractive job postings..which candidates will read

12 months ago by David Sweet
5 Ways To Create Attractive Job Postings

Many companies I work with have a really challenging time writing Job Descriptions. There is a lack of sizzle. So the candidates apply to another job that sounds more exciting. Through writing, ask yourself, “How can I connect to candidates better?”

Here are some tips that may help attract the candidates you’re seeking:

1) Job titles are important

Many people feel that their job title is a reflection of who they are. It gives them confidence. Believe it or not, using a generic title (ie. Logistics Manager) could actually be more beneficial than something more ‘unique’ (ie. Logistics Ninja). Popular keywords get picked up in searches, and job postings with those keywords appear at the top of the reader’s search results. It’s important to understand what your candidates are typing and looking for.

2) Order of Preferences

According to a survey conducted by consulting firms EY and PWC, preferences for job seekers differed based on their seniority level. On one hand, executive level job seekers emphasized more on the responsibilities and job title, whereas for more junior job seekers, many had a stronger preference for training/development, and work-life balance. Of course, people’s preferences change over time, but it helps to take into account the order, addressing those motivations and interests in the job posting accordingly.

3) Descriptive words based on industry

In addition to being consistent and descriptive, it often helps to include words similar to the industry. For example, food industry words may include ‘natural or fresh’, and for finance, ‘measured or accountable’.

4) "You" is better

Ask yourself, “What would attract me?” When you are composing a job posting, you are communicating to the reader what their future career would potentially be like. Rather than writing “the candidate”, emphasizing on “you” catches their attention better, makes them feel more appreciated and valued, and keeps it personalized.

5) Simple is best

In plain language that is easy to read, short and simple is best. In a sea of job postings, a job seeker browsing online tends to sort, scan, and decide quickly whether or not the role is suitable for them. To attract the right talent, deliver the content to readers in a specific and clear way, and let them decide.

These are just a few ways that could increase engagement of potential candidates for your role. What has helped you in your job postings? For more information or inquiries, feel free to contact me via email at