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Client Talk

Client Talk

Client Talk is a video series created to inform clients, interviewers and hiring managers to hire the best talent for their business.

【Silence is Golden】How to ask for the information you want in an interview【Client Talk #1】

Have you had trouble finding out what you want to know about a candidate in an interview? This video is for those interviewers and hiring managers, showing 3 simple points to empower your interview skills in less than 5 minutes.

1: Adjust how much you and the candidate talks

2: Intentionally ask questions that will give you the right answer

3: Enjoy silence

【Active Listener】How to improve your listening skills【Client Talk #2】

In our previous video( ), we mentioned about how important it is to listen to the candidate. But how can we improve our listening skills exactly? What are some elements that we can simply apply to better listen to what the candidate has to say?

1. Become an Active Listener

2. Learn to Paraphrase

3. Listen to the enthusiasm

【Prepare well】What to ask at an interview to analyze the candidate better?【Client Talk #3】

What questions can one ask at an interview to analyze the candidate better?

1. Prepare well

2. Ask details of the candidate's experience

3. Ask them their future career in the company

【Make process clear】How to convince candidates with several offers?【Client Talk #4】

A good candidate always has several offers and trying to make the best choice from there. How can you show you are that best one?

1. Make clear the interview process from the beginning

2. Share information between interviewees

3. Avoid one-sided interviews

And if you need, have a one last, casual meet-up!