Optimizing Leadership Recruitment Process for Samsonite Japan

March 12, 2024


President for its Japan office to drive growth and strengthen the brand’s presence in the region. This case study explores the challenges, strategies, and outcomes of Samsonite’s quest to find the right leader for this pivotal role.


a. Cultural Sensitivity: Understanding and navigating the intricate nuances of the Japanese business culture was paramount for success in this role.

b. Market Dynamics: The new president needed to navigate the evolving trends and preferences in the Japanese travel and lifestyle market.

c. Leadership Fit: Samsonite aimed to find a leader who could seamlessly integrate with the global leadership team while also inspiring and motivating the local workforce.

Approach and Methodology

Samsonite embarked on a comprehensive global search, partnering with FocusCore because of their deep understanding of APAC and Japan as well as their incorporating thorough cultural assessments to evaluate candidates’ cultural intelligence and adaptability. Preference was given to candidates with a deep understanding of the travel and lifestyle industry, especially in the context of Japan.

Solution and Implementation

Collaborating closely with Samsonite, FocusCore implemented a tailored solution to expedite the recruitment process. The candidate screening and selection process underwent refinement, integrating best practices in talent acquisition. This encompassed the overhaul of job descriptions, creation of targeted interview questions, and the establishment of clear evaluation criteria. 

After an extensive search and rigorous evaluation process, FocusCore presented a shortlist of 10 qualified candidates, 5 of which were immediately met. After the selection process, FocusCore assisted to ensure a seamless transition for onboarding.  

Results and Impact

This case study highlights the importance of a strategic and culturally sensitive approach in hiring leadership roles in Japan, especially for a senior and sensitive position. It also underscores the significance of a comprehensive recruitment strategy, inclusive hiring practices, and a well-structured onboarding process in ensuring the success of key leadership transitions.

Strategic Partnership in Executive Search

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