Market Mapping

In Japan’s competitive talent landscape, companies are turning to strategic partnerships, such as those with recruitment experts like FocusCore Group, to make impactful hires. One powerful tool that is transforming the way organizations approach talent acquisition and business decisions is Market Mapping.

Unlocking Hidden Potential

The pursuit of top talent has become more critical than ever, emphasizing the need for companies to offer comprehensive compensation packages that go beyond monetary benefits. This is where Market Mapping steps in, providing valuable insights into industry standards, competitor offerings, and benefits benchmarking.

Tailored Solutions for Success

Take, for example, our work with a start-up expanding into the Japan market, where FocusCore mapped the remuneration benchmark for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Tokyo. This approach helped our clients attract top talent by tailoring compensation packages that align with industry norms and competitor practices.

Beyond Compensation

Benefits Benchmarking

Benefits benchmarking is another crucial aspect covered by Market Mapping. In the consumer goods sector, we provided a benefits benchmarking report for a client, detailing compensation packages offered by nine companies in Japan. This not only helped our client understand attractive benefits packages but also identified the components that make them stand out.

Adaptable and Inclusive

Market Mapping is gaining popularity across Japan, proving its adaptability to organizations of all sizes and sectors. Our approach is comprehensive, combining quantitative data with real-life insights drawn from our extensive network.

Why Market Mapping?

Quick and Powerful Results

Typically spanning 4-8 weeks, our collaborative Market Mapping process focuses on specific organizational elements. The final report integrates in-depth research, providing a comprehensive overview that empowers informed decision-making.

Strategic Insights

Understanding the value of Market Mapping is pivotal for making research-backed business decisions, designing effective remuneration strategies, and preparing for future expansions or strategic moves.

Future-Ready Solutions

Consider Market Mapping when planning for growth, expansion, or organizational changes. This versatile solution aids in talent placement across all levels, from junior staff to executive roles.

Let’s Discuss Your Strategy

To explore how Market Mapping can optimize your business strategy and enhance your talent acquisition, contact us to help you make smart, informed decisions for the Japan business landscape.