Executive Search

We 100% Guarantee to Work with You until the Position is Filled

Our detailed briefing format and launch meeting ensures we fully understand your mandate, the desired profile, and the key milestones for the search. 

We Use Strategic Outreach and Methodical Market Mapping

Our outreach to warm contacts and extensive back-office network is underpinned by best-practice executive search methodology, including a comprehensive research-driven market mapping within target organizations to ensure all viable potential candidates are covered. 

We Provide Full Transparency and Thorough Feedback

Finally, we then provide a weekly search update report, profiles, and candidate feedback, and we pride ourselves on being focused on the project partnership, sharing intelligence from the market at every step. In addition, comprehensive reference checking is part of our service.

Our Robust Process 

Step 1

Briefing of all stakeholders & creation of an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Step 2

Research and mapping by our local and off-shore team to systematically identify every candidate

Step 3

Candidate approaches headhunting of passive talent

Step 4

Candidate competency-based assessments of core functional and behavioral requirements

Step 5

Shortlisting of selected candidates to interview

Step 6

Weekly steering meetings with you to share all results, research and outcomes

Step 7

Interviewing and referencing appropriate candidates

Step 8

Offer management to support the client through negotiation and final arrangements to make sure the candidate starts

Let’s Discuss Your Strategy

To explore how Market Mapping can optimize your business strategy and enhance your talent acquisition, contact us to help you make smart, informed decisions for the Japan business landscape.