Leadership of the Next Era

April 5, 2024

According to government research, over 30% of companies in Japan are conducting remote work in 2022, 40% in manufacture and 76% in information and communication industry.

As this trends in, management comes as a new and difficult challenge to leaders. How should they, or you, maneuver this new era?

Support, not micromanage

Clarity of work and work done suddenly becomes out of one’s reach when employees remote work. You may feel the need of controlling this, but that will soon lead to micromanagement, thus good employees leaving the company. Don’t watch over, but focus to create an environment where anyone can ask for help when they need, even online.

Create time to create rapport

You used to come into the office, have a small chat, or go out for lunch. But, with remote work, that doesn’t happen as easily, therefore you need to create a chance of communication intentionally. Have a 1on1 meeting regularly, or create some time to spend with your team. Creating a chat for non-business chitchat might work as well. FocusCore has a chat for random topics not related to work, and employees share some of their personal life, which starts a light conversation.

Create a productive meeting process

Some may say frequency of meetings increased with remote work as it’s just so easier to be present virtually than physically. But to increase productivity with online meetings, you must have a productive meeting process. Is the goal of that meeting to share information, or to make a decision? Is there a fixed agenda shared upon all members joining, and are goals and timelines clear to them? Who’s taking notes, being facilitator? Make clear before the meeting starts, so you don’t take the actual meeting time deciding.

Prompt people to switch off from work

While working from home, it’s easy for work and private life becoming vague, as one interferes with the other. Some may even say they work more than when they used to go to the office. Stay focused on work when you work, and focus on your private life afterwards. One must switch on and off from work efficiently, to raise productivity and reduce stress. But don’t just tell them to do so, but actually take action and show them you as a leader is doing so. The younger generation values private life and work-life balance, but may not know how to exactly do so. Be the role model for them to follow.

If you’d like more information on employees’ thoughts about work and work environment, please be sure to check our Salary Guide here.

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