Optimizing CFO Search for Carpigiani Japan

May 28, 2024


Carpigiani, leading manufacturer of ice cream and pastry making machines, has an office in Tokyo which manages extensive sales operations across Japan. 

Carpigiani faced challenges in hiring talent, which had a direct impact on their operations and growth. To address this issue, the company sought the assistance of FocusCore Group. 


The company faced an ongoing challenge in hiring a strong CFO to spearhead their finance and administration activities. Because of the retirement of the previous CFO, and challenges hiring a replacement, the vacancy needed to be filled as soon as possible. 

Carpigiani wanted a bilingual finance leader capable of overseeing legal and HR related responsibilities, as well as having strong leadership skills. From the initial sourcing, we were able to shortlist 3 strong candidates within 6 weeks of taking on the search, but the chosen candidate declined due to relocation issues with his family who were based outside of Japan. 

Approach and Methodology

FocusCore put into place a robust approach to address Carpigiani’s request. Initially, we consulted with the CEO to understand the company’s specific requirements, culture, and future plans. With our on and offshore research teams we listed up around 60 candidates who were approached and interviewed according to the agreed requirements. Shortlisted candidates attended three stages of the interview process and were fully supported throughout.

Solution and Implementation

FocusCore collaborated closely with Carpigiani to implement a tailored solution that would accelerate the recruitment process. Together, they refined the candidate screening and selection process. This involved revamping job descriptions, creating targeted interview questions, and establishing clear evaluation criteria.

FocusCore reviewed over 50 active and passive candidates. By thoroughly mapping the market, these candidates were identified and approached, and a shortlist of 5 candidates was introduced for the Carpigiani CEO to meet.

Results and Impact

Happily, through our finance network, we sourced another candidate who was perfectly aligned with the requirements for the role and this candidate accepted an offer soon after.

This process took a total of 12 weeks from start to finish, and Carpigiani were duly able to move forward with their goals quickly.

Lessons Learned

We learned that a transparent recruitment process is vital to share our work with the hiring company. Leveraging our extensive network helped to bring exceptional talent who were qualified, interested and available for the position. In turn, our relationship with Carpigiani was strengthened and we continue to support them for key positions moving forward.

Strategic Partnership in Executive Search

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